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February 27, 2019!

Single Bells

Karan Eleni

Simply Sandwich #1
Sweet Holiday Romance

Newly single Cora Murphy has just landed the job of her dreams as an associate editor at the small publishing company her favorite author calls home—right before Christmas. She sells most of her belongings, has an early Christmas with her family, and packs her car for the long and lonely drive to a blink-and-miss-it town in a state she’d never set foot in, the radio and her favorite Christmas CDs keeping her company.

Elliot Dean has lived in the same little town his entire life. Now twenty-seven, he’s moved out of the comfort of his childhood bedroom and into one of the apartments above his parents’ old diner on Main Street while he renovates the place with his sister. Elliot has his life mapped out but is missing one thing—someone to spend it with.

As Cora walks into the Main Street Diner to collect the keys to her new home upstairs, she has no idea what to expect in sleepy Sandwich, Illinois, but to her surprise, everyone she encounters is beyond friendly, and Cora is grateful for the warm welcome. While unpacking her car, she bumps into Elliot and can’t help but notice the adorably lopsided grins he throws her way. But her very recent heartache and nerves from being on her own for the first time force her to keep him at arm’s reach.

Cora quickly settles into her new life and falls in love with the cozy town and its residents, and the spirit of the holidays attempts to work its magic, often putting the pair in each other’s paths.

Will Cora let her guard down and get to know Elliot as more than just her new neighbor, or will she be ringing the single bell on New Year’s Eve?


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Karan Eleni

In no particular order, Karan Eleni is a bookworm, blogger, reviewer, publisher, author services wizard, former band manager and merch girl, crocheter, proud auntie to two mini bookworms, momma to two spoiled black cats, and newly published author.

She lives in Central Minnesota and spends a majority of her time living in the book world until her family drags her kicking and screaming from her house (unless they bribe her with tacos).

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