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What is a “Reader Reviewer”?


What are we looking for in a beta reader?

Once a Kindred Ink manuscript is through the initial edit, a beta reader will have the opportunity to request an ebook copy of the manuscript to read and provide honest and detailed feedback on the story. A form with questions will be provided and comments, questions, and constructive criticism are welcomed and encouraged. We are looking for individuals who are interested in helping to shape the shelves of Kindred.

What do you need to know?

Reader group emails will go out approximately six (6) weeks prior to release. You will have the opportunity to download an uncorrected proof from BookFunnel. A form will be available for you to submit anything that you believe needs to be corrected (punctuation, spelling, or grammar related) until the book is available for pre-order (approximately three (3) weeks prior to the publication date). Reviews can be posted

  • This is a volunteer position. You will receive an exclusive beta reader ebook copy of the book as well as final ebook and print copies (with your name in the acknowledgements) as a thank you.
  • Beta reader emails will go out one week before the beta reader ebook copies are ready. You will have the opportunity to request a beta reader ebook copy and will have two weeks to read and provide feedback once the book is sent via BookFunnel. By signing up to beta read a book, you are agreeing to not share this unpublished manuscript. A non-disclosure clause will be in the request form for each book.
  • If you are a book reviewer, we ask that you base your review on the final copy of the book as the story could change due to beta reader feedback.
  • Editing, grammar, and proofreading are not part of the beta reading questionnaire, but there will be a space for any glaring things that may need attention.

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