As part of her blog tour, Renee Conoulty popped over to share some of the songs that were mentioned or inspired her debut novel, DON’T MEAN A THING! As you watch the YouTube playlist below, take a peek at what each song means to Renee and her heroine, Macie! Do you recognize any of these songs?


It Don’t Mean a Thing  – Inspiration for the title and series name and mentioned in the final scene.

Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens – From the movie Swing that Matt and Macie almost watched.

Shiny Stockings by Count Basie

Beyond the Sea – Robbie Williams did the version at the end of Finding Nemo that Macie recognized.

The Bare Necessities – From the Jungle Book movie. Another that Macie recognized as the band played it.

Sing Sing Sing – The first song in the Swing Kids soundtrack (a movie Macie and Matt watched) and a song often used in jam circles.

I’ve had the time of my life – From Dirty Dancing – not swing music but was referenced it in the book.

Candyman – Christina Aguilera