Threadbare: The Traveling Show

Coming Spring 2018

Threadbare: The Traveling Show

How do you piece your life together when the world is falling apart at the seams?

It’s 1945. The New American Republic may be done fighting their enemies overseas, but the war at home against Tall-Me, Cleo, and their army of patriots still rages on.

Times are hard, but Amandine Stewart refuses to give up hope. After her father was killed in action and her mother was imprisoned in the faraway city of Nieuwestad, Amandine embarks on a dangerous journey to reunite what’s left of her family. Her sunny disposition and skills as a seamstress get her a job with a traveling band of performers who are on their way to put on a show that may be their ticket out of poverty.

But when there is sunshine, something always lurks in the darkness. While Amandine and her friends prepare for an extraordinary performance in Nieuwestad, her every step is dogged by the treacherous NAR agent who arrested her mother. He’s as unpredictable as he is vain, but he makes two things perfectly clear: nothing but the occasional bloodstain shall sully his perfect uniform and nothing will stop him from completing his mission.

Join Amandine as she travels through the war-torn remnants of an alternate past where struggle, adventure, and romance dance to electro-swing beneath the stars.

"I loved the insight into life in a travelling show and the vivid descriptions brought the costumes to life. I could almost hear the electroswing music playing."

Renee Conoulty

Author of "Don't Mean a Thing"

Alexandra DeMers

Alexandra DeMers is an author and aspiring-archaeologist with a lifelong love of history and adventure. She has traveled across the globe and uses those experiences to craft her current young adult series, “Threadbare.” When she isn’t visiting museums, Alexandra can be found listening to electro-swing at her home just outside of fabulous Las Vegas with her husband, two children, two cats, and an impressive collection of vintage teacups.

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